Gain free access to professional CPD Compliance Services in collaboration with Standard Bank.

Standard Bank understands the importance of CPD compliance, therefore, in collaboration with PSS will provide free access to the CPD services on the VetEDonline platform. The subscription will be offered free of charge to any Standard Bank Private, Signature, Professional or Prestige clients.

SBSA - CPD Services


Save Time

Our comprehensive CPD services will alleviate the time constraints associated with managing your CPD requirements.

Gain Control

Together with the VetEDonline CPD Compliance Solutions, we will help you gain control of your CPD requirements and effectively manage your compliance.

Locate & Upload Certificates

Gone are the days of contacting event service providers in search of your event or workshop CPD certificates.

Stay informed

With our knowledgeable support team on call, you will receive all the necessary CPD status updates, guidance and support.

Your solution to CPD compliance

Our CPD Service Bureau is a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) management bureau service that assist veterinary professionals to meet their professional development requirements as set out by the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC).

Using leading compliance solutions powered by the VetEDonline CPD Compliance and Education Platform, our knowledgeable and dedicated support team are entrusted to manage your CPD compliance as a veterinary professional.

In addition to this great offer, We also offer the following services:

Assistance with the registration of your profile on VetEDonline and setting up of your professional information (if necessary).

Bi-monthly CPD updates regarding your CPD compliance status.

Obtain your CPD certificates on your behalf from service providers for events that you attended.

Notifications on what actions should be taken to ensure that you will be compliant by your next CPD audit.

Upload your acquired certificates to your VetEDonline portfolio.

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