Anipedia is an online and invaluable scientific animal health knowledge resource, providing updated information on infectious and parasitic diseases, plant poisonings and mycotoxicoses. The comprehensive and quality-assured online CPD courses have been developed by professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge on these diseases.

Funding for the costly development of Anipedia has been obtained from the following renowned international and local institutions:

World Organisation for Animal Health [OIE], France; University of Pretoria, South Africa; Afrivet, South Africa; Utrecht University, The Netherlands; and the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium.


Anipedia is accessible via a range of mobile devices using an appealing and customer-friendly format to provide current information on a broad spectrum of animal health issues. The flagship of the platform is the award-winning and internationally- acclaimed three-volume book Infectious Diseases of Livestock, dealing with infectious diseases worldwide. Most chapters have already been updated or are in-process of revision by internationally recognised expert(s).

The other resources include books on Plant Poisonings and Mycotoxicoses of Livestock, Veterinary Helminthology and monographs on Ticks and Tick-borne diseases. Particular attributes of Anipedia are that the content will be updated regularly and that groups such as students and staff of universities or colleges, and research and diagnostic institutions/laboratories can have access throught licencing agreements.


The focus of Anipedia is on the high impact and transboundary infectious and parasitic diseases   of livestock and wildlife that have the potential of transgressing international boundaries and consequently affecting international trade in animals and their products with serious socio-economic consequences for countries in which they occur or into which they are introduced.


Anipedia’s online CPD courses have been designed to provide easy access to updated scientific information on socio-economic important infectious and parasitic diseases and plant poisonings and mycotoxicoses of livestock and wildlife.

The participant will be able to study and complete the course materials and online tests at his/her own pace. After completion of the courses the participant will have a sound knowledge of the diseases. Each disease is dealt with in terms of its introduction, aetiology/life cycle, epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical signs, pathology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and prevention/control/eradication.

The CPD courses are accredited by the South African Veterinary Council and veterinary professionals can use the credits obtained towards continued registration.

Target Audience

The CPD courses are aimed at veterinary, paraveterinary and allied animal and human health professionals and students and all those charged with the promotion of animal health and the prevention of livestock and wildlife diseases.

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